About us

ESTABLISHED in 1990, Allship has developed a fine-tuned and successful synergy between freight forwarding and logistics resulting in new dimensions in detailed logistics management. It is a wholly Ghanaian owned entity with five different branch ofices. Its head office is located in Tema, with branches in Accra, Takoradi, Tarkwa, Paga and Burkina Faso which are well equipped with modern communication equipments to facilitate world wide access to information

The Vision

To work with our clients, embracing their strategies to provide services that convey their key messages and values in a diverse with impact-effective manner. These values require periodical upgrade of available capacity and improvement of existing services to meet the needs of its markets. The need to position itself today to be able to take advantage of the impending profitable future is the reason for this medium term plan.

The Mission Statement

The raison d’etre of Allship Logistics Company Limited existence which informs its Board Members, Management and Employees alike is their various activities may be captured in the company’s mission statement quoted below; To strive in all aspects of providing freight forwarding and logistics services to satisfying our clients by offering excellent support to strengthen their brand positioning in the market.


The key objectives of Allship Logistics Limited are:

  • To grow its revenue 20% annually
  • Achieve a cost to revenue ratio of 65%
  • To be the first and last point of contact for its customers
  • To provide unparalleled service in the market
  • Use technologies that will improve response rates to customers
  • To comply with the professional regulations as specified by the Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders.

Facilities / Equipments

Allship has a 4.5 acre truck yard and a 34,000 square meter warehouse facility at its Head Office in Tema. It also has a 2.0 acre truck yard and a 5,000 square meter warehouse facility at its branch office in Takoradi.

  • Flatbed Trailers (Trucks)
  • Low Loaders with tonnage ranging between 50-100ton
  • 42 Ton Top Lifter (Container Handler)
  • Side Lifters
  • 75 Ton All Terrain Crane
  • 7 Ton Forklift
  • 3 Ton Forklift
  • 2.5 Ton Forklift
  • A fleet of light trucks for airfreight cargo